For the week of July 20-27, 2008. Some stuff we came across in our travels…
As we travel around the world wide interweb thingy, we come across many interesting things, some of which we choose to write about. Many others have heretofore gone unmentioned. This is our remedy for this situation.

Since we found the following items interesting, we thought you might too. We plan to make this a regular feature of this site creating a new “Stuff” post on a weekly basis. Throughout the week we will update it as we come across additional interesting items. Stay tuned.

Why The Bridegrooom Instead of the Bride?

From the Pilot, Dale O’Leary writes:

The question that should be asked is: Why do some women want to be the bridegroom when they are called to be the bride?

Some women view any social recognition of sex difference as unjust discrimination. They have been influenced by postmodernist/social deconstructionist professors who argue, in spite of the undeniable scientific evidence to the contrary, that the differences between men and women are not natural, but artificial social constructions that can and should be eliminated. While narrow or demeaning stereotypes, which limit women’s participation in society, should be eliminated, the
natural differences between men and women are part of the goodness of creation and cannot be wished away. Church teaching is rooted in reality. She defends the rights and equality of women, but also appropriate recognition of differences between men and women.

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— Patrick on Sat Jul 26 11:11:29 2008

To All You Hollywood Types

Barbara Nicolosi wants you to know that Act One needs an executive director.

This position description has been created for the position of
Executive Director, Act One, Inc. It serves as a framework for defining
the duties and responsibilities, lines of authority, criteria,
characteristics and related information about the position. There are
many other aspects of the duties and responsibilities of a position,
which are developed during the course of the employment relationship.
Those post-hiring adjustments should be documented between the Board of
Directors of Act One and the Executive Director (with appropriate
approvals according to current policies) by revising this from time to
— on Fri Jul 25 12:12:05 2008

Will The Real Red Cardigan Step Forward?

CMR fave Red Cardigan revealed her secret identity. Channeling Tom Hanks in the the cinema classic “Joe versus the Volcano” I can only say, “I knew it! I didn’t know it….but I knew it!”

By “elsewhere on the Internet” I pretty much mean one place: Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Con
blog. Where I not only post under my real name, but have become such a
regular participant that on two separate occasions (so far!) Rod has
let me guest-blog for him while he and his lovely family have taken
some much-needed vacation time.

Which means, of course, that I am …

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— Patrick on Wed Jul 23 23:28:33 2008

South Dakota 1 – Planned Parenthood 0

Thanks to Sheila Liaugminas for this story…

Monday was the first day that Planned Parenthood, which operates the
only abortion business in South Dakota, had to comply with a new state
law telling women the truth about abortion. Rather than tell women
abortion kills children and has numerous risks, Planned Parenthood
closed its doors.

Bye Bye…

— Patrick on Tue Jul 22 23:21:31 2008

Sure, but what does Israel think?

This little gem from the Obamessiah courtesy of the WaPo…

OBAMA: Well, let me — let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong
friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain government — administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.

Well sure. But what does Israel Think?

— Patrick on Tue Jul 22 20:23:37 2008

What Is In A Name?

Is it true? Red Cardigan might reveal her real name?

But what I am considering is ending the anonymity of this blog, putting my real name out here, and eventually, hopefully, being able to share with you any news I might have about other writing projects, ventures, and adventures.
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I wonder if it is something awful, like Willimena? Or maybe Ethel? Maybe Uma or Oprah? Or maybe….

— Patrick on Tue Jul 22 01:29:48 2008

The Cowardly Lion Thinks He’s King of the Jungle

Thanks to Dale Price for linking to this little piece of silliness. Imploding Episcopalian thinks that they have the fullness of the faith. Gosh I hope not…

Anglicans need to ignore concerns of the RCs who have had every possible opportunity for reconciliation with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Throughout all of the ecumenical conversations the bottom line is always to recognize the Pope’s authority and make some kind of submission to his office. It will never happen and it was never true of the early church. The desire for power over service is too strong to really effectively reconcile itself with others. Anglicans have the fullness of the faith and should move on in the faith of the renewing Holy Spirit. Women in all aspects of the ordained ministries harnesses at least 50% of Christian resources.


— Patrick on Mon Jul 21 14:02:00 2008

A Cry For Help

Brian Kopp writes of the travails of those interested in the Gregorian Rite in the diocese of Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. He pleads with the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei for help.

Recently, a courageous priest came forward and submitted himself to the “little tittle rules” set up by the local ordinary here, only to be told he had passed the rubrics/Mass part of the exam, but failed an intensive (punitive?) Latin exam.

The local ordinary gloated at a recent presbyteral council meeting that the TLM is not being celebrated in this diocese — since no one has passed the exams.

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— Patrick on Mon Jul 21 10:10:52 2008

Besides the Apology, What Else Happened?

Father Ray Blake noticed a few things the BBC missed.

The last Mass of World Youth Day has been celebrated, the Pope has said some pretty exciting and challenging things. Priests have been overwhelmed by the number of Confession, you get the hint that some of Catechesis given by the Bishops has been pretty outstanding.

I don’t know what has appeared on the television but here the the reporting on BBC Radio 4 has been appalling, one or two phrases of the Pope have been reported, but practically all the emphasis has been placed on the Pope’s expression of shame for sexual abuse by clergy, when that has not been reported, there has been a great deal of emphasis on protesters against the Papal visit.

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— Patrick on Mon Jul 21 00:02:37 2008

Man Healed by Becoming Catholic

Father Dwight Longenecker tells a the story of a remarkable healing on the the day of reception into the church.

Went out for dinner with some friends last evening and was told the story of how (we’ll call him Brian) who was an Anglican priest, fell and hurt his head. He was seriously disabled, with inability to do his job, lack of balance, inability to read, amnesia and various other symptoms. His young wife had reconciled herself to the fact that she would probably have to look after the man for the rest of her life.

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— Patrick on Sun Jul 20 23:54:51 2008