Ashli over at The Sicle Cell is one of the best pro-life writers in the blogosphere and I urge other pro-lifers to read her blog. She writes painfully and eloquently of the mourning involved in abortion because 11 years ago she had an abortion when she thought she had no other options as she was suffering from a debilitating maternal disease. It is a decision she regrets everyday. Last week, Ashli mourned the daughter she never met on the 11th anniversary of the baby’s due date. The following is from Ashli’s site:

Tennessee, I’m thinking of you on your due date. You would be 11 this year. A little girl at church is 11 today. I watch her grow on Sundays and think of you. Today, in spite of the sadness, in spite of the shame, which there always is, because THAT’S abortion for you–today I thought of the preciousness of your life and the reality of your being. I thought of the beauty of you, and I was and am thankful for the life you were given. I am thankful for the loveliness of your being, which has stayed with me like the sweet lingering scent of a baby’s downy-soft nape.

Your name and your life are known. The truth of your death, revealed in all its gory. Death where life was…life where death would have been (your book)…that is the bittersweet song of you.

This year, through the cascade of tears, I celebrate you. For everything you were, everything you could have been, everything you are. Stay with me. Always stay. Be mine anyway; let me love you forever.

At some point today please click over to Ashli’s blog.