Investigating Candidates Children Is OK Now So…
—CMR investigates Obama’s children…and finds some dirty laundry.

Captain Kmiec To The Rescue!
—Follow the saga of the wildly mannered Doug Kmiec in his attempts to save the Church. from itself.

Bill Bennet Lectures CNN
—CNN uses Palin’s daughter as a buoy for sex education.

Who Said It?
—A contest for those with nothing better to do with their weekdays.(Has nothing to do with Obama)

Compare and Contrast
—Palin’s comments on daughter’s pregnancy or Obama’s. You choose.

It’s the Elitism Stupid
—The liberals are all laughing at Palin’s backwardness. Guess who’s not laughing.

Republican Liturgy?
—How else to explain this picture?

The Politics of Progenal Destruction
—The most disgusting political attacks I have ever seen.

Dems Praying Gustav Hits
—This is pretty sickening.

“Equality” from the Democratic VP Candidate?
—The Party of sexism starts with a D.

Now, Obama Distances Himself From…Obama?
—Obama Renounces his own campaign.

That’s Some Five Months!
—Comparing Obama’s experience to Palin’s, the mainstream media misses the obvious.

Rosie The Republican 2008
—Girl Power!