In 2006, the South Dakota Legislature passed a ban on abortion only to have it overturned by a referendum in which Abortion providers and proponents poured millions of dollars into a campaign to defeat the law.

However, after suffering this setback, polling suggested that the citizens of South Dakota would have supported the law if it included some of the exceptions. So pro-lifers got back to work and have put forward a referendum that includes these exceptions. While this makes the referendum less than perfect, it would go a long way to saving many children and could possibly initiate a serious challenge to Roe v. Wade.

So once again, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, end the restof their cohorts are trwoing millions of dollars at South Dakota in order to defeat this measure. Sheila Liaugminas writes at Inforumblog:

South Dakota is ‘ground zero’ right now in the clash of these two worldviews, and that state’s abortion ban law is on the ballot again in November, as I’ve reported here in the Forum. Planned Parenthood and NARAL managed to convince the good citizens of South Dakota in the last referendum of their lies and distortions about the ‘Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Law’, with the power and funding of their national organizations.

Recently, there was a summit meeting in Washington over what to do about South Dakota. The abortion movement has poured over a million dollars into ads in the Rapid City market alone. They are concentrating their national forces on defeating South Dakota again. Because as they said to their group assembled at that meeting, if the South Dakota life protection law wins, it will be the beginning of the end of Roe.

The crafters of that life protection law and the campaign to inform voters about it don’t have nearly the funds of the national abortion movement. But they a force more powerful in the truth about human life.

Help them spread the truth of this campaign.

Sheila also made us aware of this video from One of the original architects of the abortion movement in America, Dr. Bernard Nathanson. In the video, Nathanson tells the truth about abortion.

Help support Measure 11 because the front lines in the pro-life fight is in South Dakota.