A Civilian Security Force just as well funded as the military? Here in America? That is exactly what Obama wants and he is not ashamed to tell you about it!

Well, after all you do need to keep the proletariat … um …. I mean middle class in line. First you promise them something to gain power, say fictitious middle class tax cuts. However when you don’t deliver, you will need some forces to to keep the prolet… middle class in line. A federally controlled domestic police force is just the thing.

Something so ambitious needs a catchy name, dontcha think? How about say … Gestapo … or …. Stasi …. or Committee for State Security (roughly translated Комитет государственной безопасности?) or something catchy ike that?

All joking aside, did you get that folks? Obama wants a federally controlled domestic police force funded the same as the military. Oh my … Is it any wonder that gun sales are up in Florida?

Ht to Gateway Pundit.