Well its morning time and unfortunately this was not just a nightmare that will fade from memory in the morning light.

A reader echoes this sentiment after reading my post “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done”

I just read your blog entry with this title, and it comes very close to the way I feel–everything you said about America and socialism, the babies, the justice of God the Lord of history. The profound sadness…yes. The resignation, yes. I feel a little as if someone has died, complete with the hopeless hope that when I wake up tomorrow I will find that they got it wrong. I feel a little better reading what I know many Catholics also feel…what I think of Catholics who voted for Obama I am trying not to think. I hope you will continue to write about this season to come, because I am convinced of it being a desert time for the souls in the Church, and I bet I’m not the only one who could use a buffering word.

It does have that next day mourning feeling after someone has died but it has yet to fully sink in. Even with that, we know life goes on.

A commenter on my previous post took issue with my assertion that God is in charge of history saying “Our Lord said very clearly 3 times in the gospel of John that it is indeed Satan who is the ‘prince of this world’.” Yes, but no. I am too tired to go into any detail in this post, but suffice it to say that God allows Satan his temporary dominion and there is no doubt that God can restrict that dominion if He so pleases.

A quote from Glenn Olsen about the future of the Church sums it up nicely I think.

I have no delusion that I or anyone else can sit down and in some comprehensive way plan the future. We can know what sides to take in the great struggle of our days, but it can not be stressed too much that God is the author of history, and all history lies in his hands. What is asked of us is fidelity. We should expect neither to succeed nor to fail: this is in God’s hand. Likely, our lives and the age that is upon us will be mixed, with both triumphs and losses. In any case nothing in history lasts, and we would be advised to think more in categories of “temporary” or “mixed” successes and “temporary” or “mixed” reverses.

One last thing on this point, we should all recall the Blessed Mother’s promise of a period of peace. We know that the consecration was done, albeit late, and we still await the period of peace as promised. God keeps his promises.

Clichés are phrases that have been overused due to the simple truth that they express. Let me use a cliché to express my hope for the future, my trust in God and in His promises. It is always darkest before the dawn.