The networks are now calling Ohio for Obama. That is all she wrote folks.

I have a number of mixed feelings right now. Disappointment for sure, but more than that. Profound sadness. Not for any political reasons. If America wants to play with socialism, let it. Of course I think that is simply wrongheaded, but we will survive. Confiscatory tax rates likely won’t kill anyone or prevent anyone from reaching eternal salvation. In fact, maybe the opposite. When things are taken away from us, even at the point of an IRS gun, we usually learn that it didn’t have as much value as we thought. America can survive its first Socialist President, even with a socialist congress.

My profound sadness stems not from the likely confiscatory loss of property and not even from our likely loss of individual freedoms which we cherish. No, my sadness stems from the loss of the innocents. Obama has promised that the first thing he will sign is the Freedom of Choice Act. FOCA will roll back many of the reasonable restrictions that have led to lower abortion rates. Obama may appoint 1, 2, or even 3 Justices to the Supreme Court prolonging the mandate of abortion on demand by Judicial fiat for a generation or more.

I am sad for the babies. More babies who will die because America didn’t care. They cared more about cheap healthcare and a better economy than innocent lives. Problem is, they won’t get that for which they callously traded those innocent lives either.

Besides sadness, disappointment, and yes a little anger, I feel resignation. I am resigned that horrors of this magnitude will not be tolerated by a just God forever. This world belongs to God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – not to the culture of death, not to Barack Obama and the Democrats, not to Satan and all his minions. I am not equating Obama and the Dems with Satan, but they certainly are his useful idiots.

At the end of the day, this is in God’s hands. We must always pray and work toward a just world where innocent life is not sacrificed at the altar of convenience and where loving one another as He has loved us is the rule and not the exception. But how we get there is in God’s hands.

I know that all I have said about FOCA and the Supreme Court is true if history continues on its current path. But God is in charge of history. Not Obama, not the Dems, not me, and not you. God. My faith is in you Lord. We pray that our nation is spared the horrible effects of the choices we have made. We pray, if it is your will, that we turn from the path we have chosen and repent. We pray for that repentance so that we may be spared your righteous anger. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.