Damage The Planet to Save Us All!
—Get the aerosol cans out. NYT says we’re heading for an ice age. We’ve got to kickstart global warming.

Duh! Of The Day
—Modern science stumbles upon ancient truths and call it a discovery!

Google Grief
—Sometimes you are better off not knowing.

Atheists Go Grinch for Christmas
—Atheists advertise their emptiness -just in time for the holidays.

Is Michael Steele Pro-Life? Maybe Not.
—Steele supports Roe V. Wade and doesn’t want to see it overturned.

Cardinal Challenges Obama on ESCR
—There’s no scientific reason to support ESCR right now. Only political reasons.

Creative Minority Reader

Chris Matthews and the Death of Perspective
—Chris Matthews has lost his mind. I mean that.

A Series on Architectural Theology at CMR
—Thought we were all braindead here? DMac starts a great series on architectural renewal.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3