Name that Convert!
—The most exciting home version of the most popular game on the Catholic blogosphere.

Lennon Forgiven. Who Missed Out?
—Lennon’s off the hook but Deniro and Affleck are still in big trouble.

Church Of Obama
—What church best fits Obama?

The Kmiec Catholic Re-Education Camp
—Sign up now before they come and bring you there anyway!

Catholics Need Not Apply (To Catholic School)
—Catholic School dumps the Catholic for coin.

England Proves Chesterton Right…Again
—A tale of two fishermen.

Creative Minority Reader

Santa’s a Jerk
—He’s no saint. He’s practically Archie Bunker with a beard!

Cease The Peace
—My suggestions on where to stick the Sign of Peace.

Save the Tofurkey!
—We are shocked, horrified, and hungry.