I’ve done a few posts on the new church for Saint Michael the Archangel parish in Leawood, Kansas, even including a few photos. But this animated computer model shows it in a very compelling way. A few of the design details have changed since this video was made, most notably in the rear facade, but the fundamental scheme remains. The video shows the existing school as the grayed out block in front and also shows how the sloping site allows for a lower level parish hall, offices and adoration chapel which nonetheless have plentiful natural light. Interesting to note, too, is that the front facade of the church does not face the parking lot, but rather forms the fourth side of the courtyard formed by the school. In this way, it gives the church facade a piazza out front for the Easter fire, festivals and the like. Moreover, the rear wall of the school is largely glazed, so that when students come in the school they see directly through the lobby across the piazza to the church itself, reminding them that their education is intimately connected to the liturgy.
Enjoy this proof that the Second Spring has begun!