Pay To Pray Scandal
—The scandal about to Rock Rome!

Public Millionaires — Secret Saints
—Fox show reveals the secret saints among us.

No Similarities Here
—What’s the difference between ransom and bailouts anyway?

Are Christians “Anti Individual Rights?”
—Christians have been cast as anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-freedom. Is there any truth to it?

The Day The Gay Stood Still
—The New Blockbuster movie from CMR.

Gov. Rendell Against Married Priests Too?
—My liberal Jesuit friend isn’t amused.

Fr. Barron on Kerry Kennedy’s “Being Catholic Now”
—Cafeteria Catholicism takes a hit.

Creative Minority Reader

Prayer Request for Fr. Nuehaus
—Diagnosis of cancer for the one of the great converts of the past century.

The Thought That Counts
—Men are from Mars, Women are from Saks.

Woodstock Vs. Youth Day
—It’s a lifestyle choice.

Dictionary Removes Christian Words
—Gone are words like “sin” and “saint.” Replaced by “interdependent” and “biodegradable.”