Environmentalist Grinches
—Gorinches don’t like Christmas lights. Surprise!

Bing On The Brain – Part II
—Merry Christmas from Father O’Malley

Double Header From Fr. Barron: #1 On Christmas
—Great stuff.

#2 Fr. Barron’s YouTube Heresies, part 2
—Great heretical stuff.

Write Your Own Captions!
—Some funny pics I picked up. Feel free to be more clever than me.

Yes! I Knew We Were Right!
—Scientific magazine kicks off the push for legalization of incest! Hooray!

I Confess … By Appointment Only
—I can get what I want anywhere, but not what I need.

Creative Minority Reader

Best Christmas Songs By Jewish People
—Some classics in here. Some…not so much.

“Mary, Did You Know?” At Mass
—What’s a little heresy between friends?

Bing Melting Hard Hearts
—Boy could we use Bing today.

MuuMuu Militia Strikes Again
—Do the Womynpriests have secret sponsors?