We talked a few times about the proposal by Pope Benedict to move the sign of peace to a place more appropriate in the mass. For example, someplace where it does not result in a free for all hug fest that is very distracting from the Eucharist we are about to receive. At least I have always felt it is a distraction where and how is is implemented. Apparently 66% of the U.S. Bishops agree with me. I got this little tidbit from Jimmy Akin.

I was just reading the newsletter of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee for Divine Worship (formerly the Bishops’ Committee on Liturgy) and ran across this item:

Survey of the Sign of Peace at Mass

The Committee [for Divine Worship] reviewed the findings of a survey requested of the USCCB by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Disicpline of the Sacraments regarding the placement of the Sign of Peace at Mass. Of the 89 Bishops who responded, 66% supported moving the Sign of Peace after the Prayer of the Faithful and before the Presentation of the Gifts, 32% recommended retaining the Sign of Peace at its current location before the Agnus Dei, and 2% offered alternative opinions. A report from the USCCB was submitted to the Congregation’s then-Prefect, Francis Cardinal Arinze.

Cool. Good to hear that there is some motion on this and that the bishops seem to be responding favorably.

Sixty six percent want to move it. Good. What I really want to know is the 2% “alternative” opinions. Those could be fun, don’t you think? Like if one of the Bishops said “Take the sign of peace and …” Well you get it. We have been down this road before, no need to repeat it.

Thirty two percent are happy just the way things are, no surprise there. I don’t suppose it would take Nostradamus to divine which of the Bishops are ineffably content.. How much you want to bet that many of these same 32% have favored every other abuse/reform that has come down the pike over the last 40 years. I guess they had to draw the line somewhere.