Remember that famously former Catholic University that insists that it still has a Catholic and Jesuit “Identity”? (Whatever that means)

Well here is your Catholic “Identity” at work. From Julia Duin at the Washington Times.

Last week, I got a curious tip. Protestants at Georgetown University have been directed to sponsor an event to be “welcoming” to the new campus gay rights center.

Leaders of Georgetown’s council of 12 Protestant ministries are meeting Jan. 12 to discuss just how to do this.

I began calling around. Four evangelical Protestant chaplains, all of whom are from ministries that believe homosexual activity is sinful, confirmed they got this mandate from the Rev. Constance C. Wheeler, the lead Protestant chaplain, who was passing along instructions from the president of Georgetown University, John J. DeGioia.

Yeah yeah. What is an identity after all? The dictionary says that identity can be defined as “the state or fact of being the same one as described.” But that definition is way too limiting. Obviously, Georgetown is not the same as described. The say Catholic but do un-Catholic things. They even make other people do un-Catholic things.

Can we all do this? Can I be un-something but still claim to have a something identity?

If I steal things, curse at passers by, and occasionally key cars in the McDonald’s parking lot can I still have an identity of a good person? Why not.

Oh I know, I want to have a identity of a small Asian woman. No wait, that is weird. Scratch that. Perhaps I can have a super hero identity or a evil genius identity or a Ted Danson identity. If Georgetown can make up an identity, why can’t I?

The possibilities are endless.