This video is generating a bit of steam in some parts. I was emailed a link to it and asked to comment. Watch it and then we can discuss.

Some people seem to think, and I sympathize with them to a point, that using Obama in a pro-life ad is at best bad taste and at worse, well worse.

I think that the video makes some good points. Many try to pre-judge the quality of a life these days to determine if that life is worth living. Using Obama’s story as the background, it would have been easy for someone to think that the unborn Barack never had a chance in this world. He obviously did.

Now of course, what really makes some upset is that Obama would deny others the right to live based on similar circumstances to his own. It is this juxtaposition that I believe is the point of the producers of this video. Whether that point is made artfully can be judged by the individual viewer.

The point I would make if I were to have a point is that I object to the notion the right to life is in any way tied to some perceived quality of life or some vague notion of potential. A life is sacred because it is a life, not because that life may one day be notable or valuable in the eyes of others. A life is valuable and sacred simply because it is is a life, a gift from God. This goes for all children, potential or not. Even baby Barack.