The Daily Mail offers this without irony:

The outpouring of euphoric optimism currently gripping the U.S. following the inauguration of Barack Obama may yet result in a baby boom towards the end of this year.
An ‘Obama baby boom’ may sound unlikely but it isn’t as unrealistic as it at first appears.
Consider that the mood sweeping America is a potent combination of hope and optimism for the future and you have an almost certain increase in pregnancies.

So the most pro-abortion President ever is inspiring a baby boom? What’s wrong with these people?

Shouldn’t the press more accurately call it a “blob of tissue” boom since the decision as to whether it’s a baby or not should be left to the mother…I mean woman, right?

If the world were sane, the story would be that many people in their euphoria over Obama’s election may just jump into bed with a stranger, become pregnant, and then abort the baby thus stimulating themselves and the economy in one fell swoop.