Recant! Or Else!
—Vatican orders Williamson to recant. Thanks to Fellay, too little too late.

White House Has Worst Case of Hiccups Evah!
—White House in desperate need of a glass of water.

Sarah Palin is Evil Because…
—Ya’ think Hollywood doesn’t like Sarah? You betcha!

Please Pray: Michael Dubruiel R.I.P.
—Please pray for Amy Welborn and her family.

Video: Planned Parenthood Breaks Law Again
—Lila Rose’s undercover investigations are becoming legendary. A must-see.

Nominated Archbishop Didn’t Pay Tithe
—Pope’s nominee for New York Archbishop didn’t pay back tithes. Could derail nomination.

Apologetics With A Big Hammer
—Being nice is overrated.

Creative Minority Reader

Now, This is Hilarious
—I am not now nor have I ever been an exotic dancer.

Theologian: Pope Should Resign
—Shock: Church is now accepting sinners!

Obama’s a Jerk
—The jerk calls Jessica Simpson fat and the beta male media giggles.

Cain and Abel – Ramis Style
—Harold Ramis makes me laugh.