The now fairly infamous Bishop Williamson of the SSPX has, at the direction of Bishop Fellay, has been removed from his position as director of the Seminary of La Reja.

This is welcome news. The other day I criticized Bishop Fellay for not acting on distancing the Society from Williamson sooner, more to the point, before the lifting of the excommunications.

They should have done it then but they must do it now. Do the right thing and you will save the Society, save the Pope, and perhaps even save Williamson. Even if it saves no one, it is the right thing to do. Williamson has no business in any leadership position going forward.

Well, it seems that Bishop Fellay had already recognized the necessity of removing Williamson from a leadership position. I am very encouraged by much of what Bishop Fellay has done recently. I truly believe that reconciliation is his number one priority.

I will note that every time that I have written here urging the SSPX to distance itself from Williamson (starting almost 2 years ago), I have been roundly criticized in the combox by many. I wonder how many people who said that I was bending to the liberal media (even though I said it before the media had even heard of Williamson) or that my suggestion was “totally inappropriate” or even accused me (totally without merit) that I wanted the excommunication re-imposed. Silly all of it. What I suggested then was that he be removed from any leadership position. I wonder what the breathless commenters will say now that it seems Bishop Fellay agrees?