So, are you all geeked up about the upcoming “Watchmen” movie? Well this will warm your heart. You can feel safe that if you decide to bring your kids to the epic comic book movie they won’t learn to smoke.

According to Director Zack Snyder, Warner Brothers outlawed a female character Laurie Juspeczyk from smoking in the movie as she did in the comic book.

According to Io9

Q: Where were Laurie’s smokes, Zack?

A: “Yeah, Alan hates smoking. Alan Horn – the head of the studio – that’s his biggest, biggest thing. The Comedian can smoke, because he might be a bad guy, he’s the bad guy, but that’s it. That was the line that he drew…I was sad, but it was either that or…the movie wouldn’t have been made, literally.””

So there’s no smoking in the movie because Warner Bros. has a conscience. How nice. Now, just to be clear – what Warner Bros. is cool with allowing in a comic book movie obviously geared towards a younger audience is a reportedly “brutal” rape scene, shapely girls running around in spandex without any real motivation other than running around in spandex, the graphic death of thousands, and liberal doses of violence, gore, and mayhem.

Can the world go anymore mad than it is? But rest assured that there’s no smoking!