I came across this exchange in the combox over at Karen’s Place and almost fell off my chair. It is apropos of nothing, yet there is wisdom there, sorta. The wise utterances emanate from the children of EJ Hill.

In response to Karen’s dread of attending Caleb’s school play on recycling of all things, EJ hopes that Karen will be as proud of her son in the play as EJ was last year and then …

But will you be as proud as I was last February, when during a “science” lecture at the middle school, my 12-year-old said to his teacher, “Yeah, my dad and I shoveled 15-and-a-half inches of your global warming out of our driveway on Saturday!”

(Of course, you will…)

EJHill – that is so hilarious!!

Well, I will say that he got his old man’s sarcasm genes. He once announced at the end of a losing argument with me, “OK, I’m French!”

“You’re French?”

“Yeah, I give up. Total surrender. I fold.”

He watches the History Channel incessantly. To the point he has corrupted his 4-year-old brother. The “baby genius” as he calls himself, presented me with one of his crayon squiggly-line masterpieces on Wednesday.

“Here, Daddy, here’s your map.”

“Map?” says I.

“Here we are,” he said as he pointed to a big blue blob, “and here’s Aunt Jane’s house. And over here, (the big RED blob) that’s the Germans. You have to watch out for the Germans. They have GUNS.”

He’s going to be a REAL HIT in Kindergarten next fall.

Out of the mouths of babes. Keep up the good work EJ!