CMR is here to rescue you from the annual humiliation and ridicule of your office NCAA pool by offering an alternative that CMR readers can sink their teeth into. Look, you’re not the one with satellite television watching every single college basketball game and watching for the weaknesses in Oklahoma State’s point guard. And you don’t even care that Morehead State’s Center has a bad knee.

But CMR is offering you some brackets that you know a thing or two about. As a CMR reader you’ve had a front row seat to the spiral of Western civilization into an apathetic, politically correct, death-fetish culture. From abortion to euthanasia to just plain bad taste, let’s find out who’s responsible for destroying our culture.

With this in mind, the CMR think tank after months of study is now announcing the “March to Madness” brackets. Monday through Thursday of this week, the competitors will battle it out until we reach the Final Four. And on Monday the battle to crown the winner of the most destructive person in our culture will end.

Join CMR and “March to Madness” by choosing your winners in the combox because you can influence the judging by lobbying to see certain people to advance or fall.

In the end, there can be only one. Vote early. Vote often.

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Updated: See Results in March to Madness Round of 32

UpdateMarch To Madness – The Creep 16