As you watch this let the irony infuse you as you recall how much money Schumer has sucked off the taxpayer.

The notion that a government is so brazen as to scold citizens who have received bonuses and threaten them directly with confiscatory taxation as a punishment for supposed moral outrages dwarfed by the everyday actions of the very people inflicting this punishment – boggles. Boggles.

Remember, pay no attention to the government who is robbing us, our children, and grand children. Pay no attention to the trillions – trillions – wasted by our socialist government. Save all your outrage for the execs at AIG. Nothing to see here, look over there.

Regardless of what you think of these bonuses, the government has no right – NO RIGHT – to wield the power of taxation as a punishment. When a government can act like this – all liberty is lost. When all liberty is lost it is time to stock up on ammo and move to Texas ’cause things are gonna get ugly.