You ever wonder why people are always talking about protecting wildlife while supporting the killing of human life? Well the Spanish bishops have wondered that as well and are taking the issue head on with a new advertising campaign. reports:

Spain’s Catholic Church Monday announced a new anti-abortion campaign that condemns what it said is the better protection offered to threatened species of animals than to the unborn.

The campaign coincides with plans by the Socialist government to liberalise Spain’s abortion law, which dates to 1985.

“If many animal species are highly protected, including legally, why do we offer less protection to the lives of humans who are to be born?” said the spokesman for Spain’s Episcopal Conference (CEE), Juan Antonio Martinez Camino.

He spoke at a news conference to present the anti-abortion campaign, which will include a “Day of Life” throughout the country on 25 March.

The campaign is illustrated by a poster that shows a baby beside an Iberian lynx cub, a protected species in Spain, on which are the words “Protect the lynx.” Above the baby is the caption “And me?” The top of the poster shows pictures of foetuses at various stages of development.

The poster is to be put up at 1,300 sites across the country.

I can’t help but wish that bishops in many other countries would have the guts to put something like this out.

But maybe we’re seeing the dawn of a new era because I actually was impressed by the Church’s efforts to highlight the Freedom of Choice Act which appears to have worked as Obama promised to make it a priority but hasn’t made any moves toward it since taking office.

But that kind of thing seems to be preaching to the converted. This poster seems to be seeking to change the hearts and minds of everyone. Wouldn’t you love to see posters like this put up in New York City or San Francisco?