Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio got wind that the batty Sisters of St. Francis in Tiffin were planning a three day workshop by New Ways Ministry, a Maryland-based organization that describes itself as “a gay-positive ministry of advocacy and justice for lesbian and gay Catholics.”


Bishop Blair sent a letter to Sister Jacquelyn Doepker, head of the religious order and told her (paraphrasing) I don’t think so.

As luck might have it, Bishop Blair was just appointed by the CDF to investigate the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. You know, these ladies.

According to NCR “The Vatican congregation informed the leadership conference officers of its new “doctrinal assessment” in a February 20 letter, which the officers received March 10. The letter came from Cardinal William Joseph Levada, the congregation’s prefect.Women Religious.” and Bishop Blair was appointed to the job.

So back to this current situation. New Ways Executive Director called the Bishop and tried the “Who us? You have us all wrong” defense even though New Ways Ministry openly supports Gay Marriage

Good afternoon. My name is Francis DeBernardo, and I am the Executive Director of New Ways Ministry, a national Roman Catholic ministry of justice and reconciliation for lesbian/gay Catholics and the wider church community. Our organization was founded by a priest and a nun in 1977 because they saw a great need to promote dialogue between these two groups. We are housed in Mount Rainier, Maryland.

I am here today to support House Bill 1055 and to oppose House Bill 913. I am here because I am a Roman Catholic, not in spite of the fact that I am a Roman Catholic.

Bishop Blair didn’t buy it. This all bodes well for the “doctrinal assessment,” it seems the Bishop is all warmed up and ready to play.