Catholic New Media AwardsVoting is now open for the Catholic New Media Awards.

Thanks to everyone who nominated us! CMR has been nominated in the following categories.

  • People’s Choice Blog
  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Written Blog
  • Most Spiritual Blog (Really? Who did that?)
  • Most Informative Blog
  • Funniest Blog
  • Most Entertaining Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Catholic News Website
  • Best Overall Catholic Website

We here at CMR don’t ask you, our dear readers, for much do we? So why not register and vote for us?

We fully intend to run a positive and clean campaign until it becomes clear that we are doomed to failure at which point we will turn to ad hominem attacks and slander against our enemies competitors.

So in order to avoid the anonymous release of video of Father Z singing Journey songs at his regular Wednesday karaoke stint or proof that American Papist was actually born in Kenya and thus he is not an American Papist at all, best to vote for us.

You wouldn’t even believe what we have on LarryD at Acts of the Apostasy. So in order to avoid all such unpleasantness, Vote for Creative Minority Report.