The show ‘Heroes’ started off with a bang. Truly, it was one of the best first seasons of television I’ve seen. And what started with a bang will end with a pucker.

The second season was nothing short of a disaster and the third was worse than that. So now, they’re desperate. Hmmm…what to do to grab some easy attention?

A-ha. They’ll have the young hot starlet of the show go lesbian. At least that’s what they’re intimating with their preview of Season 4 at Comic-con. The move reeks of desperation.

We don’t know if it’s going to be a quick Lindsey Lohanesque trip with a return ticket to Lesbo or an Ellen Degeneres permanent residence thing. But one thing is clear, it’s a desperate attempt at ratings.

The producers of the show are now trying to say people are blowing it out of proportion but they’re the ones who showed the kiss between Hayden Panieterre’s character and her on screen college roommate at Comic-con in front of a crowd of mostly young men to whoops and hollers.

I can’t say I’m going to stop watching ‘Heroes’ because of this because I stopped watching it two episodes into the third season. And it’s not that I mind Hollywood dealing with gay issues and same sex attraction but it’s this awful, cynical and consequenceless take Hollywood has on all things relating to sex.

I remember once going to see a sketch improv show where a few of the male performers could be counted on to be funny for a few minutes on stage but they didn’t seem to know how to get offstage. They had no idea how to end their sketches. So they did the only thing they could think of which was to kiss each other. This got a reaction from the crowd the first time. By the third time everyone was pretty tired of it because we all understood it was a shortcut. An excuse for actual humor.

‘Heroes’ is obviously right there too. They were brilliant for a while but now they’re all looking at each other and they don’t know how to get offstage. My recommendation: If you’ve got nothing else to say, just get offstage.