Leave it to a Republican lacking the courage of his convictions (sorry if that is redundant) and to miss an opportunity to have a real debate.

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is in hot water over his 1989 thesis in which he “wrote in the thesis that working women and feminists had been ‘detrimental’ to the traditional family and criticized federal tax credits for child care because they made it easier for women to be employed outside the home.(Newsbusters)”

McDonnell says that his views have changed. Maybe they have and maybe they haven’t, but running from your previous views on this topic makes you a sissy. This is not a debate about the capabilities of women, but rather a debate about whether, as a whole, the society is better off for having encouraged women to enter the workforce. That, I think is a legitimate question that in no way denigrates the capabilities of women.

R.S. McCain also derides McDonell for running away from it.

And the problem with that is . . .? Man up, Bob. Own it. If you’re going to run away from a perfectly defensible thesis like that, you don’t have enough testosterone. I got your new slogan:


Look, even if his views have changed why run away from the question? It is a perfectly legitimate one.

We here at CMR will not run away. I think think that it is quite clear that as whole society has been severely damaged by encouraging and ultimately forcing the large majority of women out of the home and into the workforce.

If you disagree with this premise (not some other straw man premise) please let me know why. Not why you think women are just as capable as men and not how some women have contributed individually in some great way. The question up for discussion here is whether society is better off for having encouraged and ultimately forcing the large majority of women out of the home and into the workforce.

I am particularly interested in the opinions of Catholic women on this question. So let’s rush in where fools and Republicans (sorry, redundant again) fear to tread!

P.S. I will be very disappointed if we don’t get at least 30 comments on this post.