I’m sure this will be everywhere soon enough but rumors are flying that pro-abortion Justice John Paul Stevens,89, is retiring. Not good.

Why couldn’t all these folks have retired a year or two ago? Well we know the answer. Because then the sacred right to abortion may have been jeopardized. Could you imagine being the kind of person that puts off your own retirement so that more babies could be killed.

Now, lots of people are going to say it could be worse. And that’s true. Disaster would be if Scalia or Thomas stepped down during Obama’s reign. Some people even are saying that it’s almost meaningless because you’re likely replacing a pro-choice justice with a pro-choice justice. But here’s the thing. You’re replacing an old pro-choice justice with a likely young pro-choice justice with years of ridiculous anti-life rulings ahead of them.

Life News reports:

Justice John Paul Stevens could become the next Supreme Court justice to retire if the speculation that has started today is correct. Stevens has hired just one law clerk for an upcoming Supreme Court session, which observers say is an indication he could be considering a retirement bid.

Stevens confirmed through a spokesman today that he will have just one law clerk for the session that begins in October 2010.

Typically, members of the court have four attorneys who work for them whereas retired justices hire only one.

Methinks that the next nominee might get a little more heat than Sotomayor did just because Obama’s simply not as popular and Republicans are starting to strut a little bit. But no matter what we’re getting another pro-choicer on the bench. A younger one.

For more on this story check out Life News.

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