Senator Jack Reed is one of those “I’m personally pro-life but publicly pro-choice” Senators. But you will never hear a more eloquent defense of a “personally pro-life” stance. I mean it’s like Aquinas and Augustine had a baby together and named it Senator Jack Reed.

Just listen to his brilliant defense of his personally pro-life view in

Reed was asked whether, as a Roman Catholic, he believes that abortion is wrong. “Yes, I do,” said Reed, who seemed uncomfortable discussing the issue. Asked why he believed that, he replied, “I just do.” Reed said he has an intellectual and moral basis for his view but he declined to elaborate.

Isn’t that a tad bizarre? The hottest and most crucial morality issue of our time and a publicly pro-choice Senator can’t say why he’s personally pro-life.

I’d bet he could go on for hours about why he’s publicly pro-choice but ask him why he’s privately pro-life and he’s got nothing.

But the personally pro-life folks can’t ever explain why they aren’t publicly pro-life. If you believe that the unborn baby is human, the child is deserving of all human rights. If you personally believe that it is murder to kill the unborn you can’t possibly legislate murder.

And that’s why Senator Jack Reed didn’t explain his thoughts. It’s not that he wouldn’t. He couldn’t.