When I was a teenager and Mtv began, I was addicted. I loved music and delighted in the “Men at Work” videos. I thought A-ha’s “Take on Me” video was going to change the world. We were a perfect match.

But over the years, I changed and Mtv changed. We grew apart. Irreconcilable differences, you might say. MTV, instead of being a music video channel, became a culture channel. It became the top profiteer of the “industry of cool.” It was extraordinarily liberal, even hedonistic and I gave it up.

Now, I’m an incessant channel changer so I breeze through everything. That’s my way of telling you I unwittingly stumbled across a show on MTV. And I stopped on it because there was a kid being lectured to by a man about taking responsibility and being kind. And he even mentioned…God?!

Now, I’ve watched two and a half episodes of an MTV show called “The World’s Strictest Parents” and I’m feeling those ol’ good feelings for MTV. When I saw the title of the show I figured that it was a show about outrageously strict parents who have to be set straight be liberal hippy dippy kids. But it couldn’t be further from that.

In each episode two teens are committed to the care of ‘the world’s strictest parents.’ In the episodes I’ve seen the kids come into the house and bristle at all the rules. They roll their eyes. They yell. They scream. They even run out of the house. But soon, changes begin to occur through a mixture of discipline, respect and nurturing. And it’s actually kind of wonderful.

By the end of the episode the parents have made a connection with the kids and the kids don’t seem so unmanageable. It often becomes clear that these kids are desperate for strong consistent and nurturing guidance. And then the children’s parents come to the house and are amazed at the change in their child after just a few days.

Pretty amazing show for MTV. Now, I’m going to try “Sixteen and Pregnant.” Wish me luck.

It’s not that I’m jumping back into my relationship with Mtv. But…you know…we have a history together. And it really seems to be trying to change and meet me halfway. Maybe with a little counseling and some trust building exercises…