Why do I despise the Republican Party? Charlie Crist is as good an answer as I can come up with right now. Charlie Crist is what some call a “moderate Republican.”

That means he’s popular with Democrats because he secretly hates social conservatives. Sometimes not so secretly.

While many liberals attack everything I feel strongly about at least I can stand and face them. Charlie Crist is the guy who shanks you in the shower. He’s Fredo. Benedict Arnold.

Liberals at least have their whole “i’m personally pro-life but publicly pro-choice” thing going on. Crist knew that he couldn’t get away with that explanation so he staked out some new ground on that front. Crist has said he’s pro-life but he says he doesn’t want to change laws, he only wants to change hearts.

That meant he was never gonna’ do a darn thing about abortion.

But wait! Then Marc Rubio, a pro-life conservative, announced he was running against Crist in the primary. And while Rubio was down double digits two months ago a recent poll showed the two tied. And today…BOOM! Like a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment, Charlie Crist saw the light and issued a press release saying he was now for the pro-life legislative agenda. Woot! Woot!

According to the LA Times:

Gov. Charlie Crist is saying that he wants to change abortion laws if he’s elected to the U.S. Senate, a change from what he said during his run for governor.

Crist’s campaign issued a release Friday that said: “As Florida’s next U.S. senator, Charlie Crist will fight for pro-life legislative efforts.”

But then ol’ Charlie Crist got a little nervous when the press started pointing out the discrepancy between what he’s said in the past to what he said today. Crist got aides to make statements saying that when he said he’d fight for pro-life legislative efforts he only meant he’d like to increase funding for adoption and things like that. So Crist’s pro-life legislative agenda died of a bad press day.

This stuff is typical of the Republican Party and exactly why so much of our agenda has been stalled. We need to stop electing nominally pro-life people and elect real hardcore pro-lifers who are willing to change hearts, minds, and the law.