Its Over.

Martha Coakley just conceded!


Open thread. Is Obamacare dead?

Update Matt: I don’t think it’s a headshot to healthcare but it’s definitely a gut shot.

This is almost surreal in that two weeks ago we saw the polls and dreamed about a moral victory that could scare the Dems a little. A week ago we started wondering maybe this could actually happen. And then last night I just kept waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under us.

All in all I’m just glad he won big because I think it’s outside the margin of theft. I think.

Update 2 from Matt: I’m excited so I’m blogging. That’s kinda’ sad. I blog when I’m happy. Hey, it beats being a sad blogger I guess.

I hope someone’s taking away Keith Olbermann’s belts and shoelaces tonight. I wonder if Chris Matthews leg is tingling tonight. Maybe – but it’ll only be because he voided himself. (Sorry! But this is great news!)

Update 3: As weird as it was rooting for a pro-choice Republican, the truth is that pro-choice Scott Brown is doing more for pro-lifers than “pro-lifers” Ben Nelson and Bob Casey ever did. Sad but true.