To all of our readers and friends in the Catholic/Pro-life blogosphere:

As you know, we here at CMR do not take much seriously but life issues are a notable exception.

This week on CMR, we are going to be doing something different that we believe to be very important. We will be running a week-long series telling an incredible and gut-wrenching true story about life, death, abortion, and betrayal..

This is a story that needs to be told because it details the heroic efforts of those dedicated to life, the affirmation of the value of every life no matter how small or short, and the betrayal of institutions that are supposed to be dedicated to the culture of life.

So I write this now as a special request. If you have a blog, please follow and link these stories. If you do not have a blog, please email this story to your pro-life friends. If you have access to an Internet forum, please post a link to these stories.

We believe this story is incredibly important and we ask you, our readers and friends, to help us make it known far and wide because at the end of the series we will be issuing a call to action.

The series, “The Baby Gianna Story” will begin on Monday, so please check back and do whatever you can to help.

Thank you in advance.

Matthew & Patrick

The Baby Gianna Story Part 1 – Part I: Answering the Call