My kids are big fans of something called opposite day. They always find it very amusing to say and do the opposite of what they mean or want. I find it very cute when little one’s do this. I do not find it cute when my president does it.

* * *

President Obama signs nuke deals while at the same time allowing nuclear proliferation to rogue states to continue unimpeded.

President Obama imposes a behemoth ‘health care’ bill and touts the benefits of said bill while its success hinges upon killing people to save money.

President Obama’s displays smug and condescending denial at the notion that the health-care bill funds abortion while signing an executive order to prohibit said funding in the bill.

We are told that we are in economic recovery by the White House while at the same time we are told that things will not get better any time soon. If a doctor tells me I will not get better any time soon, I do not define that as recovery.

Every week we expect our ‘unexpected’ rise in jobless numbers. It would be laughable if this did not affect the lives of real people.

The President touts his promise to have the most transparent administration ever while almost exclusively operating in secret and using disgusting back-room deals to cajole the craven into supporting a bill against the expressed will of the people.

President Obama calls Britain and Israel ‘friend’ while consistently treating them in an unimaginably shabby manner.

* * *

The next time my kids want to have opposite day, I will say no. If you want to have opposite day, get elected president. Until then, I am sick of opposite day.