How else to explain this incoherent retraction of his apology?

Last Sunday, the radically ignorant Fr. Pfleger of Chicago advocated heresy in a homily “That’s why there should be woman priests, that’s why there should be married priests, that’s why there should be woman Bishops and women Cardinals”

Then he apologized.

Then he probably got drunk. How else to explain this little but of incoherence?

“Sunday, I mentioned in my Sermon that I believe in married Priests and Woman Priests,” the Facebook comment reads. “I was then told that I had to apologize for saying it durning [sic] a Sermon because that is not allowed, even though that is my opinion.

“I have received much hate from the right-winged who want my removal,” he added. “Amazing… Nobody Blogged me or youtubed me about helping Save our children or Stopping the Violence…”

I’ll have what he’s drinking.

If I didn’t know better, I would bet the Pfather Pfleger is pfixing pfor a way to pfend opf being depfrocked through and insanity depfense.

Pfat Chance.

Cardinals typically do not take my advice but I offer it freely none the less. Cardinal George, get rid of this guy as soon as you can. This cannot end well.