In what has to be one of the stupidest things said or done by the GOP in…well since the last time Michael Steele opened his mouth in front of a microphone, an Ohio county GOP Committee put out a newsletter encouraging the defeat of a female Democrat congresswoman urging voters to “put her back in the kitchen.” Yup. They said it.

As you can imagine charges of sexism have been leveled.

The wacko pro-aborts at Emily’s List called it a “sexist swipe.”
Think Progress called it plain ol’ “Sexist.”
The moonbats over at RH Reality Check said they were glad to see this newsletter because “the better able we can root out the sometimes obscured cancers of sexism, misogyny, racism, and other prejudices that are at the heart of so much of the ultra-right’s agenda.” (Wow, they got a lot out of one little sentence!)

And the outrage is only going to continue and I’m sure the mainstream media will be all over this. Katie Couric might even do a special segment on it and she’ll put on her worried face that makes her so cute.

Yet I do have to ask, where was all the outrage when Larry King and Sarah Silverman yukked it up that Sarah Palin should do porn earlier this week? Or when Newsweek put Palin on the cover in bicycle shorts? Or when Kathleen Parker accused Palin of flirting her way to the Presidential ticket? Anyone? Anyone?

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