Get ready for conspiracy season, opening day is almost here.

Prepare thyself for an onslaught of information, speculation, and defamation over the next few weeks as the Pope prepares to visit Fatima this month.

Speculation about the contents of the famous third secret of Fatima had become such a cottage industry among among some Catholics that they were determined not to let a little thing like the secret being revealed in the year 2000 get in their way. If you have a successful business model, you stick with it I suppose.

It is fair to say that the Pope’s visit to Fatima will, of course, make the famous secret once again a hot topic as it is intensely interesting. However, Antonio Socci’s book “The Fourth Secret” being recently translated into English will only add fuel to the fire.

Socci alleges that there were two third secrets of Fatima. One…

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