This is a letter to the editors of the Delaware County Times (PA) in which a priest cancels his subscription. It speaks for itself, don’t ya think?

To the Times:

I regret to inform you that I will no longer subscribe to the Daily Times. The cartoons in (the April 10 and 12) Times were an abomination. The editorial and the articles were execrable.

To publish an article by Vanessa Gera of the Associated Press was also offensive. In her article, she quotes the Rev. Richard McBrien, a frequent critic of the Holy Father. I understand that the only reason Father McBrien is still at Notre Dame is because he has tenure. He should have been let go a long time ago. But then what must be said about Notre Dame after President Barack Obama was invited there for the graduation, much to the dismay of so many of the students and the alumni?

There was also so, so much about the closing of a school. Dear Mr. Phil Heron, no one wants to close a school, but sometimes it is necessary. No longer are there 100 pupils in first grade with a good sister to teach them and there was little or no tuition. But temp mutantor et nos mutamor in illis (times change and we change with them).

For example, at one time Cardinal Dougherty was co-institutional with 3,000 girls and 3,000 boys. Then it became co-ed, and now it is closed — tempora mutantor. But we would never have known it from the Daily Times.

I shall miss the Celebrity Cipher and the crossword.



‘Nuff Said.