In an effort to keep you abreast of news, we bring you this story. A senior editor of a parenting magazine has labeled breastfeeding “creepy” and she doesn’t like it because she wants to be able to drink booze. And she considers her breasts mainly an erogenous zone for sexual purposes and she doesn’t want saggy erogenous zones.

Pundette writes:

More on motherhood in the UK: A British parenting mag editor has written that breastfeeding is creepy. Kathryn Blundell, deputy editor of Mother and Baby, declares that her breasts are for sex only, and breastfeeding means she can’t get drunk when she gets the urge (sorry, Junior: priorities and all that). By her standards, childbirth must seem pretty “creepy,” too. How dare that baby intrude on her erogenous zones? Heaven help the child who interrupts her beauty sleep or cuts into her me-time with his petty demands.

Once upon a time we knew that motherhood involved self-sacrifice. How does a culture work its way back from such self-centeredness?

Pundette nails it. This is the apotheosis of self centered thinking. My body exists for ME to gain pleasure from. Anything which prevents Me from drinking and cavorting as I wish is bad.

But the worst part is she doesn’t just disagree with mothers who breastfeed. She calls it “creepy.” It is all part of the demonization of self sacrifice.