This is one of the best and weirdest stories you are likely read today.

You may recall some previous stories about an abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois (See here and here).

Well, we have a new one. But this one has a twist!

Pro-lifers have tried to offer options and counseling to those entering the clinic. They have been previously mocked and harassed for their efforts. Recently, the clinic took to trying to drown them out.

The abortion clinic set up a radio boom box blaring a local radio station so that the pro-lifers offers of help could not be heard. This has been going on for weeks.

So the other day, the radio station that was being used to drown out the pro-life message turned the tables on the abortion clinic. With the radio blaring, the station took a call from one of the pro-lifers and allowed for the activist to explain what was happening.

Then the DJ Doug McDuff, taken aback at what was happening, used to the blaring radio to his advantage chanting “God bless pro-lifers, God bless pro-lifers, God bless pro-lifers!”

Needless to say, when the workers at the abortion clinic heard the pro-life message blaring over their own radio, they freaked.

This is where the story gets weird(er). Not content to stop blaring the radio, the landlord of the abortion clinic stood by the radio boom box with a chainsaw. A chainsaw! Any time he feared that the radio station might say something pro-life, he would rev up the chainsaw to drown out the radio.

Insane! (see vid of the chainsaw in action below!)

A huge CMR thumbs up to radio station WNTA and DJ Doug McDuff. And thanks to Jen Raiche for tipping us to the story!