Wow. This is truly unbelievable.

This is a video by the Rev. Joseph Patrick Breen, pastor of St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Nashville TN. This video is posted by the pastor on the parish website.

In this video Fr. Breen, as communicated to us by a reader commits multiple counts of video heresy and hits most of the heretical bases.

Women’s ordination – Check!
Reversal of the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception – Check!
Divorce – Check!

He then goes on to slam (married) former Protestant clergy who convert and are ordained Catholic clergy,

He shows open disdain and insults the Pope, the Roman Curia, today’s bishops, today’s seminarians. About the seminarians he says they are intellectually inferior to those of yesteryear and are probably from dysfunctional families.

And there is even more! Watch!

As it turns out, Fr. Breen is a serial offender and a promise breaker.

Back in 1993, Fr. Breen disseminated a letter covering much of the same territory. He was sanctioned at the time by his Bishop, Bp. Edward Kmiec ordering him not to speak publicly about “optional celibacy or other issues involving church teachings or discipline.” Bishop Kmiec went so far as to have Fr. Breen sign a pledge that he would not speak again to the media or media representatives.

So much for promises.

In 2006, Fr. Breen sent a letter to Cardinal William Levada – who he addresses as Cardinal Bill, once again covering much of the same heretical territory.

It is time for Fr. Breen to go.

If you are interested, you can reach Fr. Breen’s Bishop here and let him know what you think of Fr. Breen’s statement.

The Most Reverend David R. Choby
Bishop of Nashville

The Catholic Center
2400 Twenty-first Avenue South
Nashville, TN. 37212

Update: Father Breen Retracts Statements — Saves Job

Update: As of Sunday August 9, 2010. Fr. Breen’s heretical video has been removed from the parish website! That’s a start!