This one will kill ya’. No literally. I mean it.

A Newsletter for doctors in Australia reports:

More than four in 10 doctors in Australia believe people aged over 70 who are healthy but ‘tired of life’ should have access to euthanasia, a survey of 500 doctors by the pro-euthanasia group Exit International says. However, 40% do not support the move says the group’s director, Philip Nitschke.

OK. Maybe I’m crazy but who cares what doctors think about healthy people. We’re talking about people who are having a bad day and doctors say they can be euthanized? What should doctors have to say about healthy people? Nothing. Shut up. Tell us to eat more fiber and shut up.

Have the roles of doctors changed so drastically that they’ve truly become death dealers. Deities in white coats? Are they so filled with their own importance that they’ll actually consider taking on responsibility to euthanize the bored.

And once the right to die is enshrined folks, you’ll have doctors being forced to comply.

What started out years ago as an argument about the medical community keeping someone alive against their will when their bodies had failed them has now devolved into a conversation about whether doctors can kill bored people.

Folks, once life ceases to be seen as a gift from God it loses its inherent value. Much like rights, once they’re not endowed to us by our Creator, they become something that can be given and taken away.

And don’t tell me that there will be safeguards. Do you mean safeguards like Planned Parenthood consulting on abortion alternatives? Planned Parenthood performs 134 abortions for every one adoption.

Euthanasia of the bored, I’m sure will be legalized everywhere soon enough. (Yeah, I’m having a pessimistic day) Clinics will have some kind of psychologist/psychiatrist on staff to ensure that the person is of sound mind (which they’ll always be found to be in possession of) so that the clinic can avoid lawsuits. And they’ll charge you a few bucks to hook you up to the Willy Loman machine. And bye bye.

The only good news here is that no CMR readers will ever be bored. Because we rock. View us as your anti-euthanasia medicine.