The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) created a short documentary about the experience of Penn State student/artist Joshua Stulman, whose “Portraits of Terror” art exhibit was censored by the university because it satirized Islamic terrorism.

If only he’d mocked Christianity everything would’ve been fine.

A release about the doc said:

“Joshua Stulman’s art exhibit was censored not once but twice: first because administrators didn’t like what it had to say, and later out of fear that violence would ensue if his artwork were shown on campus,” said FIRE President Greg Lukianoff. “This should be totally unacceptable in the United States. Instead, censorship like this is an all-too-common occurrence at our colleges and universities…

Three days before “Portraits of Terror” was to debut at Penn State, he was told that his exhibit was canceled because, among other things, it “did not promote cultural diversity.” Although Penn State President Graham Spanier eventually overturned this decision, the exhibit was never presented at Penn State. A later exhibition planned at Gratz College in Philadelphia was canceled for fear of violence.

Van Helsing of Moonbattery writes:

Penn State art graduate Joshua Stulman can’t say he didn’t get any knowledge for his tuition dollar. He learned quite a bit about the difference between a free society and one run by progressives…

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