I can’t stand my Congressman, Tim Bishop. I was very disappointed when I heard that he won last Tuesday. I am not a big fan of his opponent Randy Altschuler becuase his pro-life credentials are suspect. That said, Bishop’s pro-choice credentials are not suspect and I want him gone. I really thought this would be the year.

According to all reports, Bishop beat out Randy Altschuler election. Or did he?

NEW YORK (AP) — A congressional election on eastern Long Island that had appeared to end in victory for a four-term Democrat, U.S. Rep. Tim Bishop, is now up for grabs after authorities discovered they had misreported the result of the vote.

Officials with the Suffolk County Board of Elections said they discovered Friday that the unofficial tally released in the hours after the polls closed was off by thousands.

A routine check of voting machine memory cards showed that instead of leading by about 3,500 votes, Bishop was trailing Republican challenger Randy Altschuler by a little less than 400.

Board of Elections commissioner Wayne Rogers said the original numbers were reported by telephone and relayed through intermediaries before being entered into the county’s computer system.

“Somewhere within that process, some of these numbers must have been transcribed incorrectly,” he told The Associated Press on Saturday.

About 9,000 absentee ballots cast in the 1st Congressional District race have yet to be counted. By law, they could be dropped in the mail until the day before the election, and counting is not expected to begin for days.

Altschuler did not concede election night and now it would seem for good reason.

So I am holding out hope that the guy I am not sure I like beats out the guy I can’t stand.