Jesus saves.

You can’t make this up. Well, you could, but no one would believe you.

A man dressed up as a sheep was set ablaze. Screaming and running into the road, he was saved by Jesus. Well, by a man dressed up as Jesus.

A reveller dressed as Larry the Lamb suffered these horrific burns after a prankster set fire to his outfit – and he turned into a human fireball.

Peter Buck, 35, spent four hours painstakingly gluing four bags of cotton wool to his torso to look like the famous cartoon character.

He went on a boozy night out with a group of mates – also in fancy dress – before ducking out of a pub for a cigarette.

With Peter’s permission, a tipsy friend set fire to a loose strand of his costume ‘to see what would happen’.

But the joke went horribly wrong and Peter’s lamb costume burst into flames.

He ran screaming in agony into a busy main road before a driver swerved, narrowly avoiding mowing him down.

Then his friend Paul Bisson – an off-duty firefighter dressed as Jesus – bear-hugged him in a bid to douse the flames.

Peter is now recovering and has been told it will take between three months and a year for the skin to regain full strength and normal feeling to return.

Ht Jonah