I hate my neighbors. Well, not hate hate, but ya know–hate.

By the look of things, on average, I would say that we got about 18 inches of snow. However, the way the fickle winds swirl in my neighborhood, all the snow that rightfully belongs on my neighbors driveways across the street, now resides on mine.

I have drifts of 3 feet on my driveway while the blacktop of their driveways is visible almost until the street. An here is the kicker. They have snow-blowers. I don’t.

So, I was thinking. Shouldn’t their be some law for the fair distribution of snow and snow-blowers? Truth is, I suppose I could have spent my money and purchased a snow-blower before the storm, but I spent it on a Wii-fit and a Kindle (which is really cool by the way), but that shouldn’t matter. They have snow-blowers and I don’t and I need it more than they do.

Didn’t Barack Obama promise a snow-blower in ever garage, or something?

On second thought, maybe I will just send my kids out to shovel while I read my kindle. The Wii-fit is still in the box. I will get to it, ya know, later.