Maybe we should start homeschooling our five children. Although the idea of my wife getting dragged off to the slammer for a few hours for failure to write absent notes is quite intriguing. That is exactly what happened to a Pittsburgh woman who failed to write absentee notes for 3 kids after taking them on vacation.

MOUNT PLEASANT (KDKA) — A Mount Pleasant mother found herself doing time in jail because of her son’s attendance problems at school.

Jessica Heiser’s son is a student at Rumbaugh Elementary School. The school district filed a complaint with the magistrate after her son missed nine unexcused days in a single school year.

She claims at least five of those days were spent in New York visiting family for the holidays.

“My kids get sick. Every child gets sick and you can’t – you never know what’s going to happen so maybe I forgot to write an excuse, but I’m human, you know, I’m a mom and things happen,” Heiser said. “You have three kids – you can’t remember to write each excuse.”

Actually, she was jailed for her failure to pay the fine for her kids unexcused absences, but still.

I am gonna start tearing up my kids notes without telling my wife as an experiment. This could get interesting.