This has got to be one of the greatest lines ever in the history of politics and/or television. In fact, in the history of the universe there’s less than a micro milli-chance that the phrase, “Meatloaf should I run for President” could ever come up. But it did.

It’s almost like God planned everything so that this moment of absolute improbable inanity could happen just to remind us how stupid we really are. The biggest egomaniac in the world asked Meatloaf, who just weeks before attacked Gary Busey, if he should run for President. Awesome.

Now, if everything else doesn’t disqualify Donald Trump from the Presidency then this should, right? If you have any sanity or reason in you, you know that in your heart you should never elect a man to be the leader of the free world who ever said anything remotely close to, “Meatloaf, should I run for President?”

And mind you this is coming from a guy who actually owns every single one of Meatloaf’s cd’s. Every single one. And they’re all awesome. I can sing along with “Give Me the Future with a Modern Girl.” Oh yeah, I just admitted that.

Here’s the deal -if I wrote a power ballad I might say, “Hey Meat, what do you think of this?” But if I were deciding whether or not to run for President, I wouldn’t ask Meatloaf. No. No way. That’s not his wheelhouse.

And I wouldn’t ask Trump either.