So Obama, fresh from vacation, called for a joint session of Congress to release his long awaited jobs plan. Obama wanted several things from this show, the actual creation of jobs not among them. This was evidenced by his plan which was filled with the same ol’ disastrous failed policies that got him in this mess. What he wanted most of all is to be thwarted in his effort so that he could run against the Congressional GOP. In doing so he had to try to convince Americans he was really trying. And like just about everything Obama has done lately, he failed.

CNN Poll: President gets no bounce from speech, but disapproval rating peaks

Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama didn’t score any political points with his speech on jobs to a joint session of Congress last Thursday. According to a new CNN/ORC International poll released Tuesday, the president’s approval rating stands at 43 percent, virtually unchanged from the 45 percent approval rating in the previous CNN poll.

So Americans, still clinging to their religion, guns, and common sense were not buying his charade. Mr. Obama should aquaint himself with PT Barnum’s aphorism on fooling people all of the time.

And if there is a light at the end of this tunnel, it is not visible through the fog of bad news of his own making that surrounds the President. Peter Wehner sums it up nicely in this paragraph.

Imagine you’re in the Obama White House, and this is what you face. Democrats lose a special election in a congressional district they have controlled since the 1920s and which was framed as a referendum on the president. There’s a possible scandal brewing over the White House’s effort to rush federal reviewers for a decision on a nearly half-billion dollar loan to a solar-panel manufacturer, Solyndra. The most recent Census Report shows median household earnings fell for the third consecutive year, back to 1996 levels. A record number of Americans are in poverty. In Afghanistan, the Taliban mounted a fierce assault on the U.S. embassy and NATO military headquarters in Kabul. A new CNN/ORC poll shows Obama’s disapproval rating has reached a new high while the number of Americans who think he is a strong leader has dropped to a new low. And that’s just today.

That darn Bush.