The story stuck me strangely. I don’t think this young woman really understands the world we are living in now.

A young woman is suing a Catholic college, Stonehill in Massachussetts, because her roommate was getting her HHS funk on every night and the college did nothing about it.

After Stonehill administrators refused Blankmeyer’s request for a single room, the suit states, she “fell into a dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school and undergo extensive psychiatric and medical treatment.”

The suit alleges Stonehill’s actions not only deprived Blankmeyer of a reasonable living situation, but that in tolerating the alleged behavior Stonehill administrators defied standards of conduct that should have been enforced at a Roman Catholic institution.

Sister I feel for ya, I do. But you are so behind the times. You should just count your blessings that your randy roomie doesn’t sue you back because you didn’t pay for it. Once Sebelius hears about this, they gonna come after you for the $3k a year Ho Tax. All this complaining and suing is just violating your roomie’s government subsidized constitutional right to horizontal aerobics.

On the flip side of the Ho Tax, this is the first time that liberals want to take from the inactive and give to the busy.